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Group Economics Tuition (Small Class Size): S$440 monthly (4 lessons of 2 hrs each) 


Fees will be pro-rated according to the number of lessons in a calendar month, and are payable on the 1st lesson of the month.

The fees are inclusive of ALL learning materials, including structured notes, model essays, past year JC Prelim and A Level papers and suggested solutions. There is NO registration fee, material fee or withdrawal fee.


This is Nikhil, one of our past students at EconsActually

Jumping from a U in prelims to an A in A’s in 2-3 months says it all - Mr Clive Foo, the economics tutor @ EconsActually, works miracles! His unique teaching methods during his economics tuition classes embedded new concepts and writing styles in my head which i then applied during the A Levels which enabled me to attain an A.


Nikhil Shashidhar, St Andrews Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Filbert, one of the past student at EconsActually

As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo nurtures the ability to understand the various key economics concepts during his economics tuition classes. Through linking related sections of the economy, he has vastly contributed to the development of my methods of interpreting questions and extracts. As a result, I managed to climb from a hard U grade in prelims to an unexpected A for GCE A levels in a mere 4 months under his tuition. More importantly, Mr Foo provides delicious octopus snacks and allows me to drink bubble tea in class, which is all that needs to be said.


Filbert Chan, St Andrews Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Jun Hao, one of the past student @ EconsActually.

As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo is a dedicated teacher who really goes the extra mile for his students. He has never rejected any extra consultation sessions nor any extra piece of work to mark. Furthermore, he replies to any questions via whatsapp within the day itself, with clear and concise answers. He is also really patient and is willing to explain a concept in several different manners to ensure his students understand it. On top of that, he provides additional learning materials related to the concept, for those who still need more help. Mr Foo's lessons are interesting and engaging, and he always reiterates common mistakes most students tend to make, in order to remind his own students not to make them. He provides breaks every 45 minutes to an hour, which prevents overwhelming students with content knowledge and helps them absorb the knowledge better; this has really enhanced my learning at EconsActually. Moreover, the learning environment provided is clean and conducive for learning. In just 1 month under Mr Foo's guidance, my Economics grade improved from a D to an A!

Tan Jun Hao, National Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Zhi Cheng, one of the alumni of EconsActually.

I joined Mr Foo's economics tuition classes only in September of the A-Level year and that truly proved to be a godsend in my final push towards the A-Levels. With unparalleled mastery of the A-Level syllabus and a wealth of experience as an outstanding economics student himself, he proved to be an even greater educator who imparted on us students, crucial time-management skills and the ability to write succinctly and incisively. On top of that, Mr Foo was generous with his time and guidance during his economics tuition lessons, and even entertained our many questions and requests for help outside of his economics tuition class. His dedication, experience and sheer mastery of the subject will undoubtedly give you a strong edge over other students!

Kwa Zhi Cheng, Dunman High School (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Jin Kai, the alumni of EconsActually

Economics was something new to me in junior college and it was important to build a strong foundation for it. EconsActually has allowed me to have a strong and deep understanding for the subject, through the constant revisions and well-paced lessons. As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo has ensured that any doubts would be cleared promptly with concise and detailed explanations, and will not hesitate to provide additional notes to aid us in our understanding. The EconsActually notes given during economics tuition classes complemented the existing notes I had, and reinforced conceptual understanding. Over the course of the lessons, I have developed greater confidence in tackling questions and learnt how to approach questions swiftly. Nearing to the exams, Mr Foo provided us with ample drills to improve time management and tactics which help us in the exams. Ultimately, I am thankful and grateful for Mr Foo who has guided me to achieve success in Economics.

Lye Jin Kai, Nanyang Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Kaley, one of the alumni of EconsActually.

Economics can feel very daunting, especially when it seems like there are an infinite number of specific questions to prepare for. As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo helped me to gain confidence in tackling Economics by strengthening my understanding of the various topics and how they were interlinked. With a strong foundation and his helpful pointers on how to break down questions and case study readings, I was more able to adapt to a variety of questions and pinpoint what they were looking for no matter how seemingly unfamiliar. His warm guidance and readiness to offer extra help have been a tremendous help to my studies. Thank you!

Kaley Tan, Raffles Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Charlotte, the alumni of EconsActually.

Coming into JC, I was worried about how well I would do for Econs, especially since many of my seniors were struggling with the subject. However, I joined Mr Foo's economics tuition class in 2017 and Econs quickly became my strongest subject, and I eventually scored an A at A-Levels. Mr Foo's lessons distilled complex economics concepts to simple, easy to understand explanations that allowed me to gain a better grasp of my content and give me confidence I needed for econs. The many essay questions and case studies that we looked at in class, coupled with Mr Foo's answering technique tips, enabled me to study smart and score well for my examinations. I was also one of the many students who benefited greatly from being in close contact with an economics tutor who could answer and clarify any questions I had during my revision or when completing my tutorials, which proved extremely helpful during the stressful A-Level examinations period.

Charlotte Lim, Raffles Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Charmaine, the alumni of EconsActually.

Though I was not highly passionate about Economics as a subject initially, Mr Foo managed to spark my interest in it through his engaging and informative lessons. The constant real-world applications and analogies he makes throughout his economics tuition lessons allows me to not just understand but to also appreciate the content taught to us and their relevance to our lives. He is a highly dedicated economics tutor who is concerned with each and every student’s progress, as he never fails to check up on our queries and clarify our doubts at each economics tuition lesson checkpoint. Mr Foo is also very meticulous in explaining the strategies to write good essays and nail case study questions, which has helped me realise how easy and manageable Economics can actually be with the right economics tutor. Thank you Mr Foo for helping me achieve my A in Economics!

Charmaine Lim, Raffles Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Leng Ze, the alumni of EconsActually.

Seeing myself struggle in Economics after my J2 mid-years, I decided to join Mr Foo’s economics tuition classes to improve in particular my essay and higher-order-thinking questions writing skills. Though I only joined his classes for the 3 months prior to A levels, I saw tremendous improvement in the aforementioned skills, and on top of that, bridging my understanding of various topics and correcting any misconceptions I had before. Mr Foo’s small class size ensures that we can learn optimally, and he diligently marks our weekly assignments, leaving encouraging words whenever he sees us improve. Also, the learning materials he provides every lesson are extremely helpful, especially those given near the A levels. Most importantly, his patience and passion in teaching is highlighted by the fact that he is always ready to respond to the torrent of questions I have be it during or after classes, and even on WhatsApp. Answering my doubts whenever they appeared, Mr Foo has made me more confident in the content and excel in Economics. Mr Foo is an experienced and friendly tutor who truly dedicates his time to ensure you improve. I am really grateful to have joined his classes, thank you Mr Foo!

Tang Leng Ze, Temasek Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

This is Justin, the alumni of EconsActually.

Economics was a subject I was always struggling to pass. It was only after my JC 2 mid year examinations that I joined the economics tuition classes @ EconsActually because I failed the exam very badly. I realised that I needed more help and guidance with economics. I am happy to say that after joining econsactually, my results for economics have improved much since then and I eventually got a B in A levels.

As an economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo is a very passionate, patient and caring teacher. He never failed to engage me in his lessons and always made economics more interesting and easier to understand for me. He would not only teach us the concepts very clearly but also show us how to write them out in a clear and concise way which helped me immensely with my time management and mastery of the subject. Additionally, Mr. Clive Foo pays very close attention to our individual needs and queries and this helped me very much in clearing misconceptions that I did not even know myself that I had. I really feel that I would not have been able to make such an improvement in economics if it had not been for Mr, Clive Foo. I'll definitely would recommend Econsactually to others having a hard time to grasp economics. Thank you Mr. Clive Foo for all your hard work and dedication, I really appreciate it!

Justin Looi, Catholic Junior College (Scored B for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

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