Mr Clive Foo has been a great help to me! He never fails to make otherwise difficult concepts easy to understand by using simple analogies, and he's always patient in clarifying my doubts and making sure that I understand everything that he teaches. His passion for economics is evident from the way he often brings up global events in class, and that passion translates into engaging lessons! He's also a very approachable economics tutor who never fails to put students at ease, which makes for a very conducive learning environment during his economics tuition classes.

Elena Lee, Raffles Institution (Govt Scholarship Holder)


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Mr Clive Foo is a highly knowledgeable, resourceful and exam-oriented economics tutor. Unlike the lacklustre lectures and tutorials in Junior College, Mr Foo actually breathes life into Economics through his lessons. His passion is immensely exemplified during his classes, where he actively engages with exam-focused material and imparts global, real-life knowledge that is pertinent to the examinations to his students. Apart from arming his students with a strong foundation in their content knowledge, he also imbues his students with the skill of applying these concepts to various nuances of exam questions for each topic during his economics tuition classes.


Koh Zhe Kai, Private Candidate 

I decided to join the tuition center EconsActually to try to improve my understanding of the subject. During his economics tuition classes, Mr Clive Foo explained the concepts very clearly and used flow charts, giving me a fresh perspective on the subject by teaching me different methods to look at the same concept. On top of that, I managed to practise drawing the multiple graphs in class, familiarizing myself with them. He would even offer consultations in which we could ask him questions one on one and he was a very patient economics tutor at all times.


Charlotte Seethor, Victoria Junior College 


Mr Clive Foo’s economics tuition lessons have helped me tremendously, allowing me to get an A for H2 economics in the A level exams. The clarity of the economics tuition lessons and emphasis on key terms as well as the framework for essay writing has prepared me well in tackling different kinds of essay questions. The case study techniques taught during the lessons have also helped me in understand the information given in case studies better, and manage my time well during the paper.


Kwok Shu Ning, Nanyang Junior College

Thank you Mr Clive Foo for teaching economic theory in a way that is relevant in Singapore context, much more relatable and interesting! Through your economics tuition lessons, I have not only understood what examiners are looking out for in Econs essays, but also better understood how the money world and people world work together in the real world. Thank you for being such an amazing and kind economics tutor.


Zhang Yiqian, Hwa Chong Institution


Ever since i joined EconsActually with 5 months to A levels, Economics started to make a lot of sense during Mr Clive Foo's economics tuition lessons. I found it very relevant to life and developed an interest for it. The 2 Econs textbooks in which Mr Clive Foo is the editor was very very very helpful to my economics writing and understanding. The textbooks totally replaced my school lecture notes. Moreover, Mr Clive Foo would teach some out of syllabus stuff so as to allow better understanding so you won't end up writing NAQ stuff. Furthermore, the timed practices during the economics tuition lessons allowed me to gauge roughly how much to write under exam conditions so as to allow you to get the most marks by writing the least.

Goh Meng Huang, Yishun Junior College


Mr Clive Foo’s economics tuition lessons are immensely engaging and super fun! When he teaches, you can see the passion that oozes from him, his love for the subject and in spreading knowledge. As an economics tutor, he taught me not only to study smart, but also genuinely made me appreciate economics as a discipline out of the academic context, something I was unable to do before as I always felt as though economics was dreary and boring.

Having said that, he doesn’t renege on his promises of fulfilling your grade requirements either! The skills and techniques he taught me were irreplaceable in allowing me to get my “A” for the ‘A’ Level Economics exam. For instance, I had always faced the issue of the inability to finish the paper (something a huge proportion of us do, I’m sure), but with his invaluable advice, especially for the CSQ, where he taught us precisely, to the minute, of how we were supposed to manage our time, I easily completed the ‘A’ Level Economics paper, something I was never able to do before.

Manish Chamiraj, Victoria Junior College 




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