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Kinson Tan

I joined Mr Foo's economics tuition class @ EconsActually in Jan 2016. Mr Foo has been a very caring  economics tutor who ensured that I understood every lesson. To reinforce my economics foundation, he used various interesting teaching methods like analogies which made complex contents much easier to be understood. His economics tuition lessons are focused to improve skills sets required to be tested in exams. Various mnemonics have been used to strengthen our memory which is vital for heavy content subjects like Economics. Overall, Mr. Clive Foo is a very effective, caring and fun-loving economics tutor who puts his pride in his teaching.


Kinson Tan, Innova Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper, Top Student in Cohort)

Alicia Poh

Mr Foo is a Super dedicated teacher. In TJC, my econs grades were terrible, bringing in F grades. However after joining Mr Foo's tuition around July, he helped me achieve an A for A levels within the 4 months leading to the examination. 


As CCA was extremely packed, I was unable to attend most of the economics tuition group classes, and Mr Foo kindly offered to come 30mins before lessons to help me catch up with the rest!

Mr Foo is definitely an economics tutor passionate in what he teaches and if you put in the effort, you results will surely improve!


Once again, thank you so much for pulling my grades up by a milestone :)

Alicia Poh Ruolin , Temasek Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


Economics is a rather confusing subject to me, hence causing me to have many questions on almost every topic. Mr Foo is a very patient economics tutor who is always willing to go through each and every question I have and he is dedicated in ensuring every student understands the key concepts of Econs.


Mr Foo always has question breaks during his lesson to ensure we are not lost and is always willing to meet us before the actual lesson or stay back just so that he can clarify any misconceptions we have. In addition, all through the week, whenever we encounter an area we do not understand, Mr Foo is just a message away. I still remember taking pictures of my notes and asking Mr Foo to explain short term capital inflows the night before my exam!


I joined Mr Foo's economics tuition class after CT1 in J2 and from then onwards, I have felt more prepared for Economics and didn't fear the subject so much anymore. Thank you Mr Foo for being a dedicated and attentive economics tutor who is always here for us students! I really appreciate all your help in preparing us for the A-levels examinations!

Ginette Seow Yu Hui, Victoria Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


Economics was a subject I struggled to pass at school. It was after my mid-year exams when my friend introduced me to economics tutor Mr Foo. I joined at the end of July and finally saw a D in my H2 Econs grade for prelims, and got an A at A levels. I must say that this improvement would not have happened without the help of Mr Clive Foo, who was very clear and patient in his teaching.


Not only does he have good knowledge in the subject, he is also very well versed with the A level Economics syllabus. His guide books made my revision much easier and gave me a clearer understanding of the subject. Mr Clive Foo paid attention to everyone of us even though it was a group tuition. In addition, during the economics tuition lessons, he taught us very effective ways to manage our time when we attempt exam papers, this was particularly useful for me because I had major problems with time management.


The subject was made less intimidating to me because he made lessons more interesting with relevant stories. I would say that I enjoyed attending his lessons and I am very thankful that I met such a responsible and helpful economics tutor at the last minute. 

Manel Chen, Temasek Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

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