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"Aside from his comprehensive understanding of the various topics in the IB Economics syllabus, what really impressed me was Mr. Clive Foo's ability to constantly demonstrate how the concepts at hand have manifested in real-life events during his Economics Tuition. As a student who was out of touch with current affairs, his lessons helped me immensely in being able to cite real-life examples readily in my examination answers."

Gabriel Pang, Anglo Chinese Independent

Gabriel Pang
Shi Xiao

"Mr. Clive Foo is highly skilled in teaching the subject of Economics and is meticulous in creating the notes which he goes through with the Economics Tuition class. He puts in great amounts of effort to tackle the individual problems faced by each and every student. He is able to elucidate complex concepts in short amounts of time despite the myriad of topics that need to be covered."


Shi Xiao, Anderson Junior College

Evangeline Fam

"With vast expertise in economics-related fields, Mr. Clive Foo clearly knows his stuff and isn't afraid to entertain questions beyond the syllabus. Always making to reach out to students, his Economics Tuition lessons are so well-planned and notes provided are concise enough to be used in your regular tutorials without compromising on its quality. He is friendly and approachable, and does his best to provide a relaxed but conducive learning atmosphere."


Evangeline Fam, Anderson Junior College


"Mr. Clive Foo has a solid foundation in terms of content knowledge and I can see he is very passionate in teaching Economics. Also, he will make the lesson more interesting by citing global events related to Economics. He made me love Economics more and more. Unlike some tutors in group Economics Tuition, Mr. Foo makes an effort to connect with each and every student, which motivates students to ask more questions in class."


Kareen Chan, Private Candidate

Keng Onn

"EconsActually has turned my learning of Economics from a bore into something interesting and comprehensible. While the subject itself is highly perplexing and demanding, Mr. Foo never fails to make the economic concepts bite-sized and accessible. The weekly Economics Tuition lessons were an integral and essential part of my JC life, without which my grades would never have seen the improvement it did. Also, Mr. Foo is a friendly tutor who is very approachable in times of 'crisis', and never failed to clarify any of my doubts and queries."


Keng Onn, Raffles Institution

Amos Loh

"Mr Clive Foo is a patient and encouraging teacher. He thoroughly believes that his students are able to achieve good results and is dedicated to walking the arduous road to A levels alongside them. Using such real life examples allows his students to obtain a better understanding of the Economics theories and also helps them to realise that what they study is extremely applicable to everyday life."


Alethea Chan, Anglo Chinese Junior College




"After attending Economics Tuition lessons at EconsActually, I could understand the 'flow' of Economics and the way to write Economics essays. Mr. Clive Foo has changed my perception of Economics from a boring subject to an interesting one."


Amos Loh, Innova Junior College


Xue Rui

"Mr. Clive Foo is a highly experienced teacher who knows the requirements for the A-level exams and tackles the requirements with great precision with his concise notes. He also never fails to provide valuable feedback on the work of students and tailors different studying methods for different students to maximise their ability in Economics. All in all, Economics Tuition @ Econsactually has provided me with the insights to help me excel in A-Level Economics."


Xue Rui, Anderson Junior College


Ling Shan

"Despite only joining Economics Tuition @ EconsActually in August, I managed to understand and apply many economic concepts a short few months, concepts which I could never grasp before that. Mr. Clive Foo also helped tp clear up all the misconceptions I had regarding various economic concepts. I was also taught really useful essay techniques and case study skills which helped a lot in answering economics questions. The way Mr. Foo engaged everyone in class also ensured that his lessons were never boring too!"


Ling Shan, Temasek Junior College


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