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Before I joined EconsActually Economics Tuition in JC2, my results for Economics was quite a lost cause. My percentile was less than 20 in school and I constantly fell behind in lessons due to a lack of understanding and interest in Economics. However, all of that changed when I decided to give the EconsActually's economics tuition a try.


The economics tutor, Mr Foo is a dedicated and caring teacher who does not only care about your econs grade, but your wellbeing as a whole. He is always available for consultation (on WhatsApp) and he uses analogies to explain econs concepts that are hard to understand for me, thus simplifying the process of studying econs a lot.


From someone struggling to even understand econs to finally being able to decently pass in JC2 and eventually scoring an A in A Levels, I am extremely thankful to Mr Foo for making this happen with his guidance, care and patience.


Nicole Ng Min, National Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Leong Ting

I was tutored by EconsActually's Economics Tutor, Mr Foo when I was in JC 1. I used to be very weak in Economics and was scoring U and S for my tests. Mr Foo was really dedicated economics tutor and did not hesitate to offer help through various platforms like WhatsApp and useful resources for deeper understanding of the concepts. He would review and advise me on my essay writings through his patient guidance. He would go the extra mile to ensure that I was clear with my doubts. His constructive feedback had definitely strengthened my foundation in my Economics. Since then, my results improved tremendously from U to A and this would not have been achievable if it was not attributed to economics tuition with Mr. Foo.


Leong Ting, Innova Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


EconsActually's Economics Tutor, Mr Foo is an extremely friendly and patient economics tutor who never fails to clear any doubts I had. He makes the effort in ensuring every single student in his class understands his lessons by asking each and every one of us personally for doubts halfway into the lesson and at the end of every lessons. Whenever i missed a session, Mr Foo will always open up the centre 30mins earlier the next session to go through whatever i missed with me. Most importantly, EconsActually has an extremely comfortable atmosphere which really aid in learning. Before i joined economics tuition @ EconsActually, economics was a mystery to me and I have always gotten a U grade for it. After joining economics tuition @ EconsActually, econs became so much clearer and eventually, helped me attained an A grade for A level.


Nicholas Yeo, Pioneer Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)


EconsActually's economics tutor, Mr Foo is first and foremost a friendly and approachable teacher who would constantly check on our understanding. He goes even further as to give us examples of real world situations and how they relate to whatever we are learning, value-adding to our economic essays. In general, with his teaching methods in his economics tuition class, he drives us to be outstanding when writing our essays. He also ensures that we are corrected on the spot so that we do not repeat the same mistake and he constantly tells us our mistakes. Do not be afraid to make mistakes before our A levels was the type of attitude that he imparted in me and without it, I would not have made a jump from an E to an A, as I always got an E for Econs throughout my JC life. Besides all that, he teaches us econs in fun and creative ways that helps us to remember, and he has been a tremendous help to me!Thank you Mr Foo!


Mohammad Farid Bin Mohammad, Serangoon Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


From my J1 days up till my first J2 common test, I had never gotten a grade above a S before. It was then when I decided to join Mr Foo's economics tuition class @ EconsActually and it certainly did pay off. Mr Foo puts in a lot of effort in making his own simplified notes and further explaining them in detail to ensure understanding in the topic. He also actively answers any doubts you have whether it's during class or when you're doing self revision in the middle of the night. Despite only joining at J2, he still managed to help me build up a strong foundation in my microeconomics which was taught in J1 with an even stronger foundation in macroeconomics. Both of this increased my confidence in economics as a subject and also aided me in jumping from a S grade to an A grade for my A levels in the matter of mere months. This could not have been done without Mr Foo's patient guidance and support. Thanks Mr Foo!


Jonathan Png Wei Song, Serangoon Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


Mr Foo is an exceptional economics tutor and explains complex economic concepts with clarity during his economics tuition classes and makes it simple to understand. He teaches with much passion as well! So much so that he'll reply to your enquires over whatsapp promptly and well.


Ernest Tung (requested to be anonymous), Anglo Chinese Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)


Getting A for economics was never my aim or goal as it always seemed impossible for me especially in JC1 where I perpetually got 'U'. When I came to economics tutor Mr Clive Foo @ EconsActually for help, he was always very confident that I could do well and was always patient in explaining the economic concepts to me even though I had a weak foundation. He would also prepare notes to aid my learning process and cater to my weak areas. EconsActually's Economics Tutor Mr Clive Foo's methods to tackle essays and the case studies has made it not only time efficient in examinations but also made me more confident in the exams. A biggest thank you to Mr Clive Foo for helping me to to achieve an A for my economics!


Chloe Tan Shi Qi, Temasek Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


I only decided to go for Economics Tuition @ EconsActually a few months before A levels hoping that I could jump a few grades. With Economics Tutor Mr Foo's clear and systematic notes and essay outlines, Econs became a lot easier understand. He is patient in answering all my questions at any time of the day. His interactive teaching method pushes me think about what I'm unsure of and hence allows me to clarify my doubts. Also, the resources that Mr Foo provided were a lot of help in helping me achieve an A. So thank you Mr Foo for your help and dedication to teaching smile :)


C. Vinitha, Millenia Institute (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Qian Ying

I had an amazing experience with Mr Foo's economics tuition class @ EconsActually. Mr Foo constantly ensures that his students understand the basic ideas before proceeding with the intermediate concepts. He never fail to fortify the students' concepts with the proper key economic terms. His extensive knowledge on the subject, coupled with many relevant real life examples were really helpful in helping me obtain good grades for economics! Thank you Mr Foo!


Tan Qian Ying, Private Candidate (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


Was actually a student with little interest in Economics and had little hope in passing . Did badly in my End of J1 with 20/100 . Some friend recommended me to go for Mr. Clive Foo economics tuition and the teaching style of mr clive Foo worked well for me as he did explain clearly economic concepts with links that was easily understandable. As I attend more of Mr Clive's economics tuition lessons , my economic understanding built up and eventually did very well for my A levels ! Thank you Mr Clive!


Kelvin Toh Boon Jie, Innova Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


I used to hate economics so much as I can never understand lectures in school. Despite me trying to read up my economic notes, my economics remained U. After feeling really helpless, i decided to look for economics tutor Mr Foo @ EconsActually for help with economics tuition. He is a patient teacher who is willing to spend extra time to mark his students' work and also teach any confusing concepts that i encountered. Although till the very last examination before A levels, I am still getting a U, he didn't give up on me and encouraged me to continue studying hard for economics and eventually with his help and my school's economics teacher countless consultation, I managed to achieve an A for A levels. This is impossible without their help which I'm utterly thankful for. 


Ang Yiling, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


Mr Foo is a passionate teacher and really goes the extra mile to help his students. His economics tuition lessons are easy to understand and his consultations are very helpful. He pushes for critical thinking which made me see Economics in a different light. I used to be fearful of the subject and have never scored anything more than a D. However, under Mr Foo's guidance, I saw improvements and even managed to do well for my A levels. 


Sherlyn Tan, Jurong Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Calvin Hoo

Overall i found his lessons engaging and thoroughly enjoyed to be taught by him. I realised that economics can be applied in our everyday lives instead of being just a subject for the A levels. His teaching methods were straight-forward and precise, thus enabling us to do well. 


Calvin Hoo, Meridian Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Han Ming

Mr. Clive Foo is an extremely caring teacher who constantly follows up with his students on their learning during his economics tuition lessons. He takes the effort to go the extra mile for students who have difficulties understanding certain concepts and has definitely made me love economics. He always welcomes questions and from what i can recall, he will reply to us even at odd timings. He is definitely a major contributor to my A grade in A levels. Moreover, the study environment at EconsActually is very conducive and is a great place to learn. Overall, Mr. Clive Foo is an extremely patient teacher. He understands his students' misconceptions and can help them to understand the concepts. Strongly recommend JC students who takes econs to enrol in his economics tuition lessons as a student in EconsActually.


Ng Han Min, Innova Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

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