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Andrea Seet

I only decided a few months before A levels to get economics tuition. It was probably too late but I thought it was worth the shot. And indeed it was. Mr Foo isn't just any economics tutor. He is one that will make his own compilations of economics notes for you instead of photocopying it from a book, one that will come earlier for lessons just to answer your questions, and one that will answer your whatsapp messages even at 12 midnight. 


Andrea Seet, St Andrew Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper & Top Student for SAJC Cohort)

Kevin Yong

To start off, Mr. Clive from EconsActually really helped me tremendously during my preparation for the A level economics exam. He had only taught me for 3-4 weeks but during that period he taught me so much and prepared me incredibly well. He was passionate when conducting his economics tuition lessons and answered my endless questions patiently and clearly. Due to this, I was able to grasp many concepts and learn extremely quickly on the essay structures. He helped to manifest my interest in economics and I am undoubtedly grateful to him for helping me achieve my A in economics for the A level exam. 


Kevin Yong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Xin Yi

Jumping 7 grades in just a few months of economics tuition wasn't an easy feat. Really appreciate all the help I've gotten from Econsactually. As an economics tutor, Mr Clive Foo has a very effective teaching style that helps his students reinforce their economics concepts during economics tuition. Giving us a lot of tips on tackling both case study and essay questions really helped me a lot, not to mention that my time management skills have improved a lot under his guidance Thank you Mr Foo!


Seng Xin Yi, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Ding Zhou

As an economics tutor, Mr Clive Foo has been consistent in teaching economic theories to me. He adopts a quick and systemic method in addressing questions as well as explaining how to write logically. Mr Foo's economics tuition lessons are enjoyable and interactive, probing his students to ask him questions whenever in doubt. He is patient in repeating his explanations to students as he wants his students to fully understand the fundamentals of Economics. All in all, I felt more assured and confident in scoring well for my Economics with the guidance of Mr Clive Foo. Thank you!!


Chong Ding Zhou, Nanyang Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Andrea Tan

The economics tuition lessons @ EconsActually taught by Mr Foo was indeed worth my time and have helped me clear many of my misconception and doubts. His well organized lesson each time makes understanding better for me, and his thorough explaining of each essay question and case study are what help me achieve an A in my H1 econs at A level. His skills imparted to us are definitely useful. Although I started this economics tuition only in year 2, but throughout this few months, I learnt a lot from him and I could answer my econs paper with more certainty and confidence.


Andrea Tan Yu Rong , Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Shanice Ng

I was scoring straight U’s for Econs from the start and finally after a few of my friends’ recommendation, I decided to join economics tuition @ Econs Actually after my Mid-Year Common Test. At first I was worried it’ll be too late for me to improve or to catch up with the others but Mr Foo was a really patient economics tutor. He makes it a point to answer all of our queries, even if it means him having to come much earlier or leave much later. Their notes and practice papers have helped me greatly as well as I felt I did not receive enough practice from school. My results started to improve from my prelims onwards and I was so happy when I got an A for A Levels! It is never too late to seek help and I’m glad I joined Mr Foo’s economics tuition class. Thank you Mr Foo!


Shanice Ng Jing Yi, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Joel Hung

Scoring just a miserable D for my H2 Econs back in 2013 as a school candidate, I decided to retake my A levels as a private candidate in 2014. After searching through the web for a good yet affordable economics tutor, Mr Foo's EconsActually came up and I decided to engage Mr Foo as my private economics tutor which was the BEST decision I could have made. In just a short 4 months, he improved my Econs grades, finally culminating in a B for the 2014 GCE A levels.


Mr Foo is a friendly, approachable economics tutor and his framework towards answering both case study and essay questions has made Econs not just easier, but much more interesting. Do try out economics tuition @ EconsActually today!


Joel Hung, Private Candidate (Scored B for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Tessa Lim

Mr Foo from EconsActually had definitely helped me immensely in the last lap of preparation for A Levels’ Economics. A constant grade of C/D for Economics in school had led me worried, confused and discouraged for the subject. Yet, in that mere one to two months of guidance and help from Mr Foo during his economics tuition, I was able to clear my doubts, get enough practice and gain confidence for Economics.


The A grade I have gotten eventually in my A Levels’ would have been impossible without help from EconsActually and Mr Foo and for that, I am truly grateful and appreciative! 


Tessa Lim, Raffles Institution (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Jamie Lim

From a U in economics in my 2 years of JC to A in A levels, Mr Foo has really helped me a lot! His economics tuition lessons are very interactive and engaging, and that makes economics less dry and less boring.


Thankful I started Mr Foo's economics tuition lessons early as that really helped me a lot in my A levels! Thank you Mr Foo for all your help :)


Jamie Lim, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Jun Rong

Having joined just a few months before my prelims, Mr Clive Foo has since then deepened my understanding and interest of supposedly dry and abstract economic concepts by applying them to solve real world economic problems.


A patient and understanding economics tutor, he always sets aside time to answer students' questions individually. Through regular timed practices under exam pressure during his economics tuition, he has also made me answer exam questions confidently, quickly and accurately. 


Tai Jun Rong, Anderson Junior College (Scored B for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Wei Jie

Mr Clive Foo's economics tuition lessons help you to develop essential skills to ace Economics. I have benefited from his lessons and developed good time management for my essays and strong analytical skills for case studies. Scoring an A for Econs is no problem with Mr Foo's lessons!


Cheong Wei Jie, River Valley High School (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Zhi Wei

Economics was a new subject for me when I was in J1 and thus I wanted to seek help but wasn't sure of which tuition to enrol in. Thankfully, Mr Foo is very patient economics tutor and explained the concepts in Economics in such a way that it became a lot easier to understand. He made Economics a joy to learn in his economics tuition classes. Thank you Mr Foo!


Chua Zhi Wei, Anderson Junior College (Scored B for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Pheng Wu

Before i joined economics tuition @ EconsActually, Economics used to be a subject i dreaded studying and learning as i could not understand the relevance of Economics to real-life scenarios. To me, back then, it was an abstract and meaningless subject. No matter how much effort i put in, my results was never above a C.


After joining EconsActually, where Mr Foo's economics tuition notes were extremely handy and exam-orientated and through the sheer amount of effort, making sure that every piece of work handed up to him were marked promptly with evaluative comments, I finally achieved an A for Economics at the A level Examinations. Thank you, Mr Foo!


Tan Pheng Wu, Catholic Junior College (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)


I think Economics used to be very tough for me because  I couldn't really grasp the basics. In my very first economics tuition lesson with Mr. Foo, I started having a genuine interest in Economics and understanding all the concepts. His unique and personalised style really helped me to further my knowledge well beyond the A level syllabus. As a economics tutor, he also gives excellent assistance on time management and tackling the exam questions which prepared me very well for Economics A level 


Anushka Nargund, Anderson Junior College (Scored B for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

Wen Xuan

Economics was made much more enjoyable and simpler to digest thanks to the straightforward essay structure Mr Foo presented and the interactive classroom environment during his economics tuition @ EconsActually. Complex theories were efficiently broken down to manageable bits and thanks to that, essay writing became more fun! 


Chin Wen Xuan, River Valley High School (Scored A for the H2 A Level Economics Paper)

Andrea Leong

My results in school for Economics were always at the bottom 10th percentile and i scored U's consistently. Going to economics tuition @ EconsActually helped me improve from a U to an A in my GCE A level examinations.  Economics also became more than just a subject i needed to study for, as Mr Foo taught us how to apply the concepts in real life scenarios. 


As an economics tutor, Mr. Foo always repeats the economics concepts tirelessly to ensure that we understood them. His patience towards us is one of the reasons why I did well - he always answered our many qustions and helped us refine our concepts, at the expense of his own free time. Thank you Mr. Foo!


Andrea Leong, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)


Economics tuition lessons @ EconsActually piqued my interest in Economics as Mr. Foo explained concepts thorougly while using real life case studies and worldly events. From being a student who used to feel bored in school lectures and tutorials, I began to enter economis classes with new perspectives. 


As an economics tutor, Mr. Foo didn't only teach me how to score an A in economics for A levels, his passion for the subject shone through and inspired me to learn more about the subject. Attending economics tuition classes @ EconsActually was truly worth it. Thank you! :-)


Nicolette Ng Ming Min, Anderson Junior College (Scored A for the H1 A Level Economics Paper)

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