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EconsActually - Premier Tuition Specialist for 'A' Level Economics

EconsActually is an established premier tuition programme in Singapore, specializing in A Level & IB Economics Tuition. The programme is helmed by Principal Economics Tutor, Mr. Clive Foo who holds a 1st Class Honours Bachelors Degree in Economics (BSSc) from National University of Singapore. During his post-graduate period, Mr. Foo has also acquired management and entrepreneurial experience which he would love to share with his students. Armed with a strong passion for teaching and more than 10 years of tutoring experience, Mr. Foo hopes to share the secrets to learning economics, and bring the fun back to the commonly-dubbed boring and impenetrable subject. Read more about Mr. Clive Foo at his​​​​​​Economics ​​​​​​​Tutor Profile.

EconsActually offers a structured learning programme comprising concise notes and practice case study/essay questions, which is designed to optimize exam performance. This is also complemented by readings on current affairs, to highlight the relevance of economic concepts behind government policymaking and business decisions.

As a student of EconsActually, you'll be taught a wide array of skills to excel in A Level & IB Economics, from content mastery to application to real-world economic events. We believe in constant engagement with our students, hence Mr. Foo will maintain an 24/7 email/whatsapp consultative session with his students to ensure that all questions are clarified. Sign up for economics tuition classes at EconsActually, and relish the enriching and fulfilling learning journey in Economics!

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