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What to look out for in an A Level Economics Tutor

I've received many enquiries from parents about A level economics tuition. Often times, I can sense they have imperfect information as to what is a good A level economics tutor for their child. This inspired me to distill some simple advice (in the points below) to parents searching for good economics tutors or just simply tutors of any subject for their child.

1. Verify and check the academic credentials of the economics tutor

There have been many stories in the papers of tutors falsifying their academic credentials and/or deliberately skewing or with-holding information. The former issue is easy to guard against: simply request proof of academic qualifications from the economics tutor and check with the relevant university for verification. The latter case is harder to detect or check and requires the parent to be well-informed and act with utmost discretion: For instance, if an economics tutor claims to be NIE-trained, he/she could be trained to be a primary/secondary/JC teacher. So if a parent is search for a JC economics tutor, it follows that the parent should check if the NIE certification is for Junior College.

Furthermore, it's paramount that parents check for the right academic qualifications when searching for an economics tutor. The degree should preferably be an economics degree as the economics tutor holding this degree would have possessed the academic rigour to be able to explain the relevant concepts during economics tuition.

2. Be attuned with the pedagogical materials and techniques of the economics tutor

3. Cross-check the testimonials and track record of the economics tutor

It is not uncommon to hear many tutors claim that they achieve above 90% As / distinctions when the national average for economics tuition is just below 40%. The most credible testimonials and results come from economics tutors who are able to publish the pictures, names and school of the students, so it can be easily cross-checked with the respective JCs. Another way is to request correspondence with the past students so the parent can learn more about the learning experience from a trusted past contact.

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