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Skills-Based Approach to Learning Economics

With the recent syllabus change for H1 (subject code: 8823) and H2 (subject code: 9757) economics, the focus has been shifted to case study (100%) for H1 students while the weightage in case study (40%) and essays (60%) remains the same for H2 students.

Notwithstanding the above-mentioned changes, the A level examiner will assess students based on key assessment objectives (AO) which covers knowledge, interpretation, comprehension, application, analysis and evaluation.

Admittedly, this is a fuzzy blackbox for students struggling to grasp economics concepts, let alone be aware of the range of academic skills required for the A level economics examination. To help students better cope with the challenge, our principal economics tutor, Mr. Clive Foo has authored a skills-based book to familiarise students with the skills required to tackle case studies, and will be actively incorporate

the key learning points of this book in his economics tuition classes.

Interested to get hold of the book? Feel free to chat us up at the bottom right corner :)

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