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Is Economics Tuition Essential in Singapore?

In the competitive education landscape in Singapore, it is interesting to explore if economics tuition is necessary given the hectic schedules of students. In my article on "Benefits of Economics Tuition", I outlined the advantages of having an economics tutor.

The main issue facing students is that they are flooded with too much information from school notes, but because school teachers are besieged by a lot of administrative work, they are unable to devote time to refine the notes, or even to understand the rigour of the academic content of the A level economics syllabus, much less explain them succinctly to students. Thats when the role of an economics tutor is important. During my economics tuition lessons, I distill the content in the economics subject to students in clear and succinct ways, and show them the techniques of not just writing rigourously, but also to write concisely to meet the tight examination time constraint.

Furthermore, economics tuition is necessary because students require personalised and individualised coaching which school teachers are unable to provide because of their heavy workload, and also because they are not obliged to attend the students' questions beyond school hours. Thats when an economics tutor serve as a study buddy, offering 24/7 consultations as and when the students require them. During my economics tuition classes, I offer room for students to consult me individually before lesson, during lesson breaks, as well as after lesson. Moreover, I maintain an individualised whatsapp conversation with my students so that they can raise their doubts about any economics topic and real-time, and usually they will get a response within the day.

Additionally, economics tuition is beneficial for students who need that extra push or that extra motivation to get their learning processes kickstarted. Some students are bored with the subject because they do not get the understanding they need from school teachers, either because their school teachers present the information in a dry way, or the notes is simply too wordy, to the point that they do not see the benefits of school lessons or for that matter, school notes. Thats when a good economics tutor may come in handy. In my economics tuition sessions, students can to see clearly how I present the economics concepts in a fun and interesting way, and see economics come alive in front of their very eyes. Often times, sparking interest in the subject is a key first step towards unlocking interest in the subject. Subsequently, my students will then read up more about the content topics and engage in a two-way interaction about the topics which further sparks off deeper interest. As such, this becomes a virtuous cycle that allows the student to gain deeper insights into the subject of economics.

In a nutshell, economics tuition is necessary for students who see the pain points as I've mentioned, and also those who see the benefits. However, there's a need to engage a good economics tutor. I've previously spoken about this topic in the following link:

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Oct 02, 2021

Great ppost thank you

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